Monty Riffer

Founder & CEO

Monty Riffer, principle of The Riffer Group, has over 30 years of experience as an accomplished executive. As a General Manager and VP of Sales and Marketing Operations, Monty has lead and grown several small- to medium-sized companies by leveraging business development, sales, product marketing, and customer service. He has a proven track record achieving corporate revenue objectives in both start-ups and turnarounds, where results are critical.

Being a results-focused leader, strategist, and innovator, Monty assists companies identify growth opportunities, determine competitive advantages, target critical issues, restructure sales and marketing operations, and maximize resources that will enable corporate executives to achieve their objectives.

When working with small- to medium-sized companies, Monty determines and assesses where the sales and marketing strategies within the organization can be improved. Monty has expertise in areas, such as:

Recommendations will be practical and measurable, while taking into consideration the effect on the entire sales and marketing organizational structure, ensuring a positive impact throughout. With today’s economy, it's critical that the sales and marketing processes are streamlined and effective.

Monty has a passion for solving problems with proven success and hands-on experience in resolving the toughest sales and marketing challenges. For more than 30 years, he has learned from each success and failure and is able to apply his experience and passion to helping management teams achieve their goals.

Effective sales and marketing organizations are instrumental to the success of small- to medium-sized companies. Contact us to learn more about how The Riffer Group can help you identify how to substantially improve your performance. Together, we have the power to boost market share, increase revenue, lower costs, and enhance overall business performance.